When Should My Child First Visit The Dentist?

by | Apr 29, 2013

Raising happy and healthy children is the first concern of any parent, but questions sometimes arise as to how to best do that. People often wonder when they should first bring their kids in to the dentist. We asked Dr. Lowe for his insight.
Dr. Lowe brings up a great point. The dentist’s office should be a comfortable place for kids. They should be familiar with it and know what to expect there from a young age. Bringing them in, even just to watch you, establishes a positive relationship with their dentist and diminishes any mystery and fear that they might otherwise associate with dental clinics. At their young impressionable age, it is crucial to ingrain positive habits in to a child’s routine. As any child psychologist will tell you, they pick up these things from your example. They observe everything, and base their behaviour on what they see you doing. This presents a great opportunity for parents to impart healthy lifestyles to their family. Children should see their parent’s maintaining good oral hygiene both at home and at the dentist.