The Truth about Tooth Enamel!

by | Jun 20, 2014

One of the most important and often overlooked components of your teeth is your enamel. Did you know! It is one for the four major tissues that make up the tooth in humans as well as other animals! In this post, we look at what really is tooth enamel and why it is important in your overall oral health and keeping a beautiful smile! So what is tooth enamel? It is the substance that makes up the visible part of the tooth, covering the crown. Tooth enamel covers each and every one of your teeth and helps to protect them from damage. When dentists talk about tooth decay, they’re usually talking about erosion of this enamel. It’s important to understand exactly what enamel does and how to properly handle it so that you can take good care of your teeth and prevent problems. Did You Know! Tooth Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and contains the highest percentage of minerals! The primary purpose of enamel is to protect your teeth. When you indulge in food and different drinks, you risk damage to your teeth. Fortunately, your enamel in most cases is strong enough to protect your teeth and prevent them from being broken, chipped and just overall damaged. Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, to hot or cold items. Your tooth’s enamel also helps to insulate the rest of the tooth, so that you don’t feel this discomfort. Although your enamel is a hard, protective surface, it unfortunately can chip or crack it without much effort. Simple things such as getting food stuck in your teeth, or certain foods that are hard (like candies or crunchy foods) can chip your enamel. Once the enamel starts to chip or break or just get damaged, it won’t be able to protect your teeth properly. If you are finding your enamel is beginning to decay, contact your dentist, and they can recommend a variety of procedures, depending on how damaged your really enamel is. Contact us today to book an appointment and we can look at your tooth’s enamel!