Is Tooth Whitening Healthy?

by | Oct 21, 2013

Vancouver Dentist Dr. Ed Lowe is the Editor of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Journal. For over 20 years Dr. Lowe has been practicing Dentistry in the Downtown Vancouver area. Recently, we asked Dr. Lowe whether he believes that tooth whitening is healthy or not? Let’s watch what the Editor had to say:

Here Is The Video Transcript In Case You Missed It:

Dr. Ed Lowe: Is Tooth Whitening Healthy?

“Many people ask that question: “Is tooth whitening healthy?” and I think that, it certainly doesn’t harm you. It’s made from peroxide which is relatively safe when you take it. You know, obviously they wouldn’t “Okay it” if you can’t. You can end up swallowing a little bit, but it doesn’t harm do any harm to you if you do. But, if you were a regular “Whitener” and you say that: “I want to do whitening every day 365!” Then I don’t think it’s terribly great for you. But for the amount of whitening that most people do, I recommend that if you get in-office whitening , that you at most do it twice a year. And if you do take-home whitening; you go for a period. Then you do whitening for seven to 10 days and then if you need to repeat it in a couple of months, it’s harmless.” Thanks Dr. Lowe. Do you have any questions you would like Dr. Lowe to answer? Reach out by email or Twitter @MySmileMakeover