Does Tooth Whitening Actually Work

by | Jan 16, 2013

Sometimes the promise of a whiter smile seems like a pipe dream. Some people have whiter smiles than others, but they never drink coffee. They don’t smoke, or they prefer white wine to red. Maybe they drink a lot of milk… Lately, tooth whitening has become a popular treatment for those visiting the dentist. Tooth whitening treatments can be completed in a single sitting, and it’s not even an expensive option. Some people report great results. Others have reported dissatisfaction with tooth whitening treatment. So what’s the deal? Does tooth whitening really work?
The answer makes sense when you consider why we asked the question in the first place. Some people see great results, while others have a more challenging time to get the results they’re looking for. Tooth whitening does indeed work. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for. A trained cosmetic dentist can bring you a healthier, whiter looking smile with the right amount of effort. If you have other questions for Dr Lowe at the Vancouver Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, you can ask them by email: Or you can send us a tweet @MySmileMakeover Stay healthy, and have a great week!