Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver – Ed Lowe DDS

by | Jul 26, 2011

Here is a partial list of dental procedures that you can have that can improve the way your teeth look when you talk or smile:
  • replace discolored fillings in front teeth
  • whiten teeth to a lighter/whiter color
  • straighten crooked teeth with orthodontic treatment
  • recontouring of your teeth
  • closing up spaces between teeth
  • porcelain or resin veneers to change the shape and alignment of teeth (“bonding”)
  • placing tooth colored fillings in back teeth instead of silver fillings
  • porcelain or resin inlays and onlays for back teeth
  • cosmetic periodontal surgery to even out gum tissue that is crooked
  • restoration of worn and short teeth to their proper shape
  • filling in tooth brush abrasion notches
  • replacing missing teeth with bridges or implants
  • replacing defective and unsightly old crowns (caps)
  • cover stained dentin
  • remove stained fracture lines from enamel
  • restore chipped teeth (bonding)
  • make teeth longer or shorter