Cosmetic Dentistry and the Importance of Change

by | May 14, 2012

The art of learning is something very important to a cosmetic dentist. In a field where new procedures and technologies are advanced endlessly, one would become obsolete if they chose to remain stagnant. This is true in many fields, from engineering to cosmetic dentistry.

Why is change important?

An athlete gets better by repetitiously exercising the same skills. A carpenter gets better at his craft by working the same materials consistently. Why should a cosmetic dentist try so hard to stay on the leading edge? Simply put, it’s in the best interests of their patients. Technology advances mean better equipment. A faster dentist drill means more comfort for the patient and quicker more accurate work from the cosmetic dentist. New compounds and filling materials mean better looks, and longer lasting results. Consider some of the biggest changes in cosmetic dentistry as of late.

Invisalign Orthodontics:

With the invention of invisalign orthodontics, patients can now remove their braces before brushing their teeth. These custom plastic aligners are nearly invisible, and give you much more confidence in your smile. They are also very effective as an orthodontic treatment, and will even work faster than traditional methods in some cases. Cosmetic dentistry relies greatly on straighter teeth, and with invisalign each patient can feel more comfortable going through the orthodontic process.

Composite Fillings:

There have always been debates about the health impacts of metallic fillings that included mercury. Now those arguments can be placed aside for an altogether superior material. Though the specific mixtures of composite materials themselves are under constant change and revision, the latest materials and treatment plans are able to match the look of the original tooth almost perfectly. Longevity has also been addressed, meaning fewer visits to the dentist’s chair.

Tooth Whitening:

Though tooth whitening is not a new thing, the techniques used in modern cosmetic dentistry have proven very effective. Zoom whitening allows a patient to walk in, and with the assistance of their cosmetic dentist, achieve a whiter smile with the recent technique of UV light acceleration in combination with a peroxide product. Techniques and technology will continue to change, but as long as your cosmetic dentist stays abreast of the latest changes, you can be sure that your trip to the dentist will be as comfortable and effective as is possible for you.